Typographic Posters


Really in love with these minimalist typographic posters. A problem young designers (including myself) have is trying to keep things simple. This is a perfect example of how impactful simple design can be.

via Abduzeedo

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Artist: Leonid Afremov


I discovered the awesome amazing of Mexican artist Leonid Afremov through a reader comment a few weeks ago and I was blown away by his work. So rich and colorful, pulling the viewer to inquire on the subject matter/landscape.

Leonid is dedicated to his craft, painting daily and has hundreds or pieces to show for it. Check out more of his work here.

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I’m Baaaaaack!

It’s been over a year since my last post on here. Since then I’ve managed to land a gig at a really great agency to make my dream of becoming a professional designer come true. The down side of that is that I was so focused on breaking into the field and getting a job, that I lost focus of the thing that excited me most. Art and design itself.

Design is more than a job to me. It’s a passion. This blog was the thing that got me going when I was lost and trying to figure out what I wanted to do next in life. It gave me the sense of purpose and discipline I needed to educate myself on past and current design trends and was a platform for me to share all the cool things I came across.

I don’t know if anyone even subscribes or visits the page anymore, so I may be talking to myself, but I’m back with renewed energy and focus. Posting at least once a week, I’ll be sharing my usual tricks and trades and random findings.

I hope you enjoy and will be part of the evolution. :)

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Color Palette 12: Photography by J. Quazi King

I think it’s impossible to not be captivated by the vibrant nature of this picture.

This image was taken by my favorite photographer (of the moment) J. Quazi King. The color palette is rich, warm and inviting. It really pulls you in and leaves you wanting more.

See more from J. Quazi on his awesome Tumblr page Quazimotto.On.Wax.

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Video: The Art of Web Design | Off Book | PBS

Web design is one of my favorite disciplines right up there with building identity systems.

This PBS Off Book series video touches on the world of HTML and CSS, grid layouts within web pages, the importance of understanding the user experience and the rise of mobile platform. It’s an educational 7 minutes if you have the time to watch.


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Good Design Advice

I haven’t been blogging as much as of late because I’ve been working so hard to establish agency contacts and set up portfolio reviews with industry professionals. Between this and taking on as many freelance projects as I can it doesn’t leave room for much else.

I was on my favorite blog of late, Baby Food for Creatives, when I was reminded of a fantastic site called Good Fucking Design Advice. Good Fucking Design Advice is chock full of awesome quotes to give you the swift kick in the arse you to keep you motivated. I think all the quotes on the site are wonderful. I’ve included a few of the ones that delighted me the most. Read them all here.

*Please excuse the expletives in this post and look past them to see the great advice that’s shared.*


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Drew Melton’s Phraseology Project

The images above are samples from letterer/designer Drew Melton’s work from “The Phraseology Project”. The idea is a basic site with a form where Drew takes user submitted words or phrases and designs them with type. Since the project launched it has seen over 20,000 submissions and continues to be an outlet for creative play for Drew.

This guy’s work is incredible. See more at his portfolio site here.

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Ilustrator/Designer: Biljana Kroll

Really love the messages on these hand-done signs by illustrator/designer Biljana Kroll.

Biljana is also an author and has penned such titles as Typography in a Semester and Digital Imagery in a Semester. Both books are great for design students or those looking to expand their design education.

See more more of Biljana’s work here.

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Portraits Using People

Artist Alan Craig recreated these famous celebrity portraits by using crowds of people. I find them to be both genius and a bit creepy….the texture that is. :)

You can see more portraits here.

via fubiz

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Designer/Illustrator: Bryan Patrick Todd

Tuesday typographic inspiration by Bryan Patrick Todd. Bryan’s work was also recently featured in the  Type Directors Club 58th annual exhibition for typographic excellence in communication design. The exhibition opened in New York and will be traveling around the world and shown in Canada, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Spain and Vietnam. A huge honor. Congrats Bryan!

See more of Bryan’s work here and keep up with him on Dribbble.

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