Video: The Art of Logo Design | Off Book | PBS

As a designer a logo project is probably one of the hardest, but most exciting pieces of work you can do on for a new or existing brand. It’s often the first thing a person comes across when they interact with the product/service.

I love this PBS Art special on logo design. It really speaks on the importance of brandmarks. According to the video, a good logo is memorable, appropriate to the brand and simple enough to be applied in various spaces while being recognizable at multiple sizes. A good logo is also timeless much like the Coca-Cola logo that we all know so well.

Check out to the video below.

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Fun with Wine Corks!

Michigan-based artist Scott Gundersen created this portrait after collecting 3,621 used and recycled bottle stoppers and organizing them by tones and colors. Inventive, imaginative and a bit genius I might add.

Check out the video below to gain further insight into the process and make sure you visit his Tumblr page here to see his other masterpieces.

via LikeCool

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Branding 10,000 Lakes

These are various logos designs Nicole Meyer has done for her 10,000 Minnesota Lake project. After reviewing several of the not-so-beautiful lake logos in the area, she decided to do some rebranding doing a logo a day  (hardly an easy task) in an effort to cover all of the lakes in the state.

She recently decided to revise the goal to focus on other projects, but the work she has done over the past year was really spectacular.

Check out more of the designs on the Branding 10,000 Lakes site here.

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Video: Procrastination

I fell off the grid for the last couple of weeks due to an enormous amount of work I’ve had to complete to get my design portfolio finished before graduation this week. This video summed up the things I was doing (and still find myself doing) at many intervals. I’m approaching the finish line however and will be back to the regular schedule next week.

Happy Monday!

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BMD Design

Typographic inspiration from French studio BMD Design.

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Friday Music Inspiration: MeLo-X – Fewture

I’ve been boppin’ to this mixtape from Brooklyn-based DJ and recording artist MeL0-X.

An excerpt from the site:

FEWTURE is MeLo-X’s most experimental and genre bending project since his Maxwell BLACKsummers’night Instrumental Album back in 2009. FEWTURE is a true testament to MeLo’s self proclaimed “experimental free music” style. From soundscape like tracks and piano solos, to head nodding drumloops and broken beats MeLo is truly free of any genre or style. Complex but groove worthy rhythms infused with soothing and uplifting chords created through strong synths, heavy bass lines and at times just basic piano keys help paint MeLo’s vision of the “Fewture”. There are even elements of Juke and Dirty South griminess sprinkled throughout this eclectic, abstract, and visionary album.

Take a listen or purchase the album here.

Have a great weekend!

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Hermès x Hiroshi Sugimoto

Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto collaborated with Hermès to reproduce these polaroids in a series of 140 limited edition scarves.

If I had a few thousand of dollars lying around I’d surely get one of these. :)

See more of them here.

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Sean Hart

Clear typography on this street art by Sean Hart. Really easily conveys the message.

He’s got a ton of work on his site. Check that out here.

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Friday Music Inspiration: Beyoncé Color Palettes

I can’t take credit for creating the color swatches on the above images. They were taken from the most amazing Tumblr page I stumbled upon yesterday called Beyoncé Palettes. It’s full of beautiful photography of my favorite diva. A genius idea. Gotta love the internet for bring stans (fans bordering on being stalkers) together. :)

Have a great weekend!

Images via Beyoncé Palettes

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Pentagram Celebrates It’s 40th Birthday

This video by Pentagram in celebration of their 40 year anniversary is absolutely hilarious! Pentagram is one of my favorite agencies and videos like this are a great reminder as to why they’re one of the top design firms in the world.

Complex also did a write-up on some of the posters the company did in further celebration. The posters highlight major historical or cultural events for the past 40 years. Definitely worth checking out. See that here.

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