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There are only a couple more weeks left in the summer after all. Have a great weekend!

Image by Joey Ponce

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Friday Music Inspiration: Dale Edwin Murray’s Hip-Hop Heads

Hip-hop head illustrations by Dale Edwin Murray.

The above shows Kanye, Biggie, Dilla and Flavor Flav. See more including Tupac, Snoop Dogg, excuse me, Snoop Lion and Drake at Dale’s portfolio site here.

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Summer 2012

I thought this design summed up my summer pretty well. It’s been about a month since I graduated and prior to that I was actively in the trenches of portfolio completion at school. I’m now adjusting to post-graduate life and it’s been tricky. This new life entails looking at a lot of job boards, reaching out to agencies I respect and admire and learning the inner workings of taking on freelance projects.

Taking the step of leaving my media job to pursue design was a huge for me and I’m really excited to see what’s ahead. I know maintaining a positive attitude will be tantamount in my success and while some days are really hard I’m determined to get through it.

I’ve been a bit spotty with this blog for the past several weeks and I want to get back to it starting today. This has served as my visual diary and inspiration board for the past 2 years and it’s now more important than ever that I keep it active.

Ok enough of my rambling. I hope everyone is having a great day!

Side note: I wonder how many different fonts were used to execute the above design. It looks like every letterform is different…

Image via FOT

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Matt Stevens’ MAX100 Project

Select images from Matt Stevens’ Max100 project. The book contains 100 interpretations of Nike’s AirMax 1 kicks which Matt considers to be the greatest sneaker of all time.

To purchase the book and merchandise see here. For more amazing visuals of the work click here.

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Artist/Designer: Kelly Kerwick

Really loving the vintage feel on the identity for homemade ice cream shop Jaxon & Mack by Kelly Kerwick. Sometimes the simplest things like the color palette and paper stock make all the difference in a design.

More of Kelly’s work can be seen at her portfolio site here.

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Illustrator: Linzie Hunter

Absolutely in love with the hand-lettering of Linzie Hunter. Cute and imaginative. See her portfolio here.

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Friday Music Inspiration: Notorious B.I.G. Money Shot

This B.I.G. portrait created by ilustrator Evan Wondolowski. Evan has made a series of portraits from shredded strips of U.S. Federal Reserve Notes, he then glues the paper bits to newspaper sheets. Talk about tedious! Gotta love his attention to detail.

See more from the portrait series here.

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Olympic Illustrations by Charis Tsevis

Love these illustrations done by Charis Tsevis for the Yahoo! 2012 Olympic campaign. You may remember some of his work for the Turkey 2010 Olympics as I shared a couple of years ago (see that old post here). More of the campaign can be seen over at Charis’ portfolio site.

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Video: Under the Needle Episode 1: Paper Frank

From the makers of  the documentary Color Outside The Lines, comes the first episode of Under the Needle, a series of short videos on various tattoo artists. Paper Frank, the apprentice of well-known artist Maiya Bailey is the subject of the launch. Here Paper gives some insight into his process as well as advice for those in the market for tattoos.

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